Michael B. Jordan Allegedly Dates White Woman, Black Twitter Outraged, Threatens To Boycott “Black Panther”


2018 literally has no chill man! Y’all can’t let us get into Wednesday without pushing provocative topics! I went on Twitter today and saw that Entertainment website TheJasmineBrand released a story saying that 30-year old Actor Michael B. Jordan is dating a young woman named Ashlyn Castro. Allegedly, they were spotted at a Kwanza party on New Years Eve. No, I’m not tripping!

TheJasmineBrand said, “We’re told that the pair spent New Years Eve together and she also celebrated Kwanza with the Black Panther star and his friends.” They even dropped YouTube videos of the pair together. You can see them below!

It’s safe to say that Black Twitter was not pleased. A contentious debate started that catapulted Michael B. Jordan’s name to start trending on Twitter.


I was confused and conflicted. I didn’t know what was going on or where this all came from. I also wondered why I should care. I still really don’t but it’s definitely interesting. I saw Fort Valley State University Sophomore and HBCU Pulse Ambassador Rodesha Elam chime in on the matter, echoing the sentiments of several other tweeters.

I then started to dig deeper and found that Michael B. Jordan did an interview with Vogue responding to rumors that he didn’t date black women. He said that the craziest rumor he’s heard about himself is that “he doesn’t date black women”. Verbatim! The video is below.

 At the end of the day, we should really just let this man live his life. If he didn’t defame black women, it doesn’t too much matter what he does when he isn’t entertaining us on our screen. And no, we aren’t boycotting “Black Panther”.


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