FAMU Alumnus Will Packer Wins NAACP Award For “Girls Trip”, Shouts Out Black Women


When I’m in class, I often daydream about what the future holds.I think about the opportunities that await me when I leave my HBCU. In my success I sometimes get discouraged. I find myself discouraged because the journey to self-sufficiency, especially at such a young age, is hard. It’s hard to truly find people that understand your vision. College life can be overwhelming as you attempt to find a way to juggle school work, social life and your undying ambition to become a nationally recognized HBCU personality by or before you graduate. Then, I look at the successful alumni like Will Packer and see that there’s no reason to be discouraged.

Seeing Will Packer, a 1996 FAMU Alumnus, prospering in the world is motivating. Listening to him talk about his experience on the highest of the seven hills is empowering. He went through the same things that I’m currently going through in my journey. Now look at him! Just yesterday at the NAACP awards, broadcasted on TV One, as he won Outstanding Motion Picture for his box-office history making hit Girls Trip.

“We stand up here before you as brothers for our sisters. This is for you!”


Girls Trip, released July 21,2017, was a critically acclaimed hit that grossed $140 million in the box office. The project was the first comedy of 2017 to cross $100 million in gross revenue, Mind you, the cast were all black and the four main characters were proud FAMU Graduates. The aforementioned fact is another milestone that Packer’s movie achieved, as Girls Trip was the first all-black movie (written, directed, produced) to hit $100 million in the box office. Look at the black excellence!

We here at HBCU Pulse would like to send a huge congratulations to Will Packer and everyone that was involved in the creation of Girls Trip! There are plenty more awards that are coming on the horizon!



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