Comedian Steve Brown Attacked At South Carolina Comedy Show, Blames Club Security


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Steve Brown, an alumnus of Stillman college, perform at my HBCU Fort Valley State University two of the three years I’ve been here. Steve Brown is like an honorary Wildcat at this point. He’s been hosting and doing stand-up sets in the Valley for years. The earliest I’ve seen him was back in 2007 hosting the Homecoming step show!

So, to hear that he was assaulted at his show at a Comedy Show he had in South Carolina was disparaging.

When I saw the video come up on my timeline at first, I immediately downplayed the situation. Like I said, I’ve seen Steve Brown’s comedy sets and he will roast the life out of you for no reason. Everyone isn’t cool enough to let the comedic geniuses that we pay to see cook up a few jokes at our expense. To be brief, they’re sensitive and have no true sense of humor. This guy that tried to attack Steve Brown not only sensitive but a complete lunatic that had no business at a comedy show. He was clearly unstable and a danger to not only Steve Brown but the rest of the crowd and employees that were in attendance at that comedy club.


I don’t even have to describe what occurred. You can see it for yourself in the video below. I agree with what Steve Brown said in his response. Where was security to immediately bum-rush this deranged man when he even got up on stage. It shouldn’t have even escalated to the point where he was throwing objects that could’ve seriously hurt Steve. Steve Brown should sue the club and press charges against that man that assaulted him and cake up for sure!

I also have to take to task everyone that was standing there watching that man attack him. I heard someone say, “He’s gonna kill that n*gga!” as they’re comfortably watching from their seats like it’s a UFC match. That’s so high school man! We’re all grown and Steve Brown is performing for your entertainment. Instead of filming the incident trying to get clout or a huge pay day from TMZ or MediaTakeOut, help that man before he really was critically injured or killed. People make me sick!

I’m glad that Steve Brown is ok. This needs to be a wake up call to everyone that books any type of performers from here on out. Make sure your security is tight and your guests are protected!



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