Baltimore Cops Charged For Robbing, Stealing And Planting Evidence


You know, I don’t have time for ignorance but something really made me click on this link when it came up on my Facebook news feed. I get tired of when people don’t do their jobs correctly. I absolutely hate when people have a corrupt mindset. So, this story literally had me infuriated. This is the current state of affairs in 2018!

So far, two officers have been charged and will go on trial Monday before the U.S. District Court. The Baltimore Sun reports, “The case started with the drug overdose of a 19-year-old from New Jersey in Harford County in 2011. Authorities worked to find out who provided the drugs to the woman. The search led to a Northeast Baltimore drug crew supplying Harford and Baltimore counties. It was during an investigation into that crew that federal task force officers realized that a Baltimore police officer was an active participant in the crew’s activities. That led authorities to Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force — and the federal indictment of eight members of the elite unit on racketeering charges. They were accused of executing searches without warrants, invading private homes, robbing suspects and innocent citizens of cash and reselling drugs on the street.


Seriously Baltimore? If this is the state of affairs for our police departments, how do we expect things to change. Seeing this title from The Root made my mind flashback to when I first heard about the Tamir Rice murder. How can we trust law enforcement when they act outside of training and above city policy? I guarantee that this isn’t the only incident like this and more will come to light as 2018 rolls on.

Be safe and be vigilient!




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