Actress Jenifer Lewis wears Nike to the Emmys to support Colin Kaepernick


Many celebrities attended the Emmys last night in their designer gowns and suits, but Blackish star Jenifer Lewis stole the show with her wardrobe selection. Lewis received attention for sporting her Nike gear and her beautiful afro on the red carpet last evening in support of Nike’s ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. She shared with that she wanted to find a way to support the cause, so she decided to wear a customized red and black Nike sweater to say thank you to Nike for acknowledging racial injustice. 

It’s no secret that Colin Kaepernick’s choice to kneel before the national anthem has been a controversial. He has yet to be signed to an NFL team since protesting against police brutality. Lewis told CNN “I am wearing Nike tonight to tell them how proud of them I am for supporting Colin Kaepernick in his protest against police brutality and racial injustice.”  

After Nike released the ad campaign with Kaepernick’s quote they received a lot of criticism. Some people were upset and they proceeded to burn their Nike clothes to protest the ad. There were also a few different variations of the ad with other celebrities that were circulating through social media, although nothing can top the original, they were just as inspiring. 


Jenifer extended her support to the new generation, “I speak to the millennials tonight to tell them they are not alone in standing up. We’re right behind them.” to encourage young people to continue to fight for what they believe is right. Their elders are there to have their back! 


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