7 Gift Ideas For Your HBCU Bae!


 The holidays are here guys and I hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful season. Christmas is arriving next week and if you’ve succeeded in finding a new bae during cuffing season then you’re probably wondering what to get them. I have 7 gift ideas that your HBCU sweetheart is bound to love for the holidays!


  1. If your bae loves to stay warm during the holidays with hot chocolate or maybe even tea! Then cuddling together under a soft blanket with these HBCU inspired mugs are a wonderful fit! Etsy is also a great website to find unique and customizable gifts
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  2. We all know a true HBCU student already has a bunch of their school’s paraphernalia so why not add more? Whether it’s a shirt from the campus bookstore or even a hand-me-down homecoming hoodie I’m sure your bae will love it!                 
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  3. Everyone wants their room to smell good, so pick up a candle warmer to freshen up your bae’s dorm room! It’s a perfect gift for anyone, plus you can buy cheap wax cubes that will last for weeks.                                                                                                        

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  4. For the special lady in your life, gift her a book that can’t stop flying off the shelves since it came out! Michelle Obama’s new memoir, ‘Becoming’ released last month and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it.  

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  5. Now, for my ladies out there that don’t know what to get their man for the holidays. ‘A Lucky Man: Stories’, is a collection of stories about the vulnerability of black men and boys. It was also a finalist for the national book awards this year for the fiction genre!  If your man is a bookworm, he is sure to fall in love with you and this novel.                               

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  6. All HBCU students/alum love to make a statement, with this dope mini fight the power fist pin they can make a bold statement without saying a word!                                         

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  7. I saved the best for last because I absolutely adore this shirt! Tired of hearing stories about your girl getting hit on while walking to class? This is a cute sweater to tell everyone that catcalling your bae is absolutely off limits!                                                                                                    
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