BREAKING: Kamala Harris Announces That She Will Be Running For President In 2020


Timing is everything in this world. Just yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Today is MLK Day, a day that we celebrate the heroic sacrifices that Dr. King undertook to push for equality in this nation. Now, only hours into the day, we hear the news that Kamala Harris will be announcing her bid to run for President of the United States in 2020. This is what Dr. King marched for! This is what HBCUs were built to cultivate!




Harris announced that she’d be running for president earlier this morning on Good Morning America, meticulously planning to drop this announcement on MLK Day! Although she made the announcement today, she will be holding a rally in Oakland, California on January 27th to make the formal announcement. Harris has an amazing track record. She’s a graduate of Howard University, where she pledged the Alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated. Since leaving the Mecca, she’s made history. She was the first African-American woman to serve as California’s Attorney General, and the first African American Senator for California. She became the second black woman to serve on the United State Senate in 2016 and served for 12 years as San Francisco’s District Attorney. Her nickname is the female Barack Obama. Need we say more?

Let’s not forget to mention that she’s been one of the most prominent fighters against this divisive Donald Trump presidency and was the first senator to say that she wouldn’t vote for a spending package if Congress didn’t enshrine protections for DREAMers. HBCU Graduates set the standard. We look forward to covering Kamala Harris’s campaign in the coming months. Stay tuned!




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