EXCLUSIVE: Jauan Durbin and Kings Of Spelman College Royal Court Respond To Removal Of Mr. Blue & White Title


Spelman Community,

It has been an honor serving you as the 14th Mr. Blue & White and Court. Although we are saddened by the discontinuation of Mr. Blue & White and Court, after meeting with administration we are content. The role of Mister Blue & White and Court was intended to be escorts and support Miss Spelman College and Court. This year, we made it so much more than that and we are excited to share some of the highlights and accomplishments.

This year we were able to make history by becoming Mister Historically Black Colleges and Universities and  become one of EBONY’s HBCU Top 10 Campus Kings. ln addition, we have upcoming events for the semester that we are excited about.  One of the even ts brings awareness to gender violence and the other one is about facing you r insecurity and owning your individuality.

While this is the end of Kingship at Spelman, we are glad that we w ere able to create history and leave a lasting impact for years to come. We will ensure that the remainder of our reign as a Court is both unified and  productive, and we promise to give you the best Semester that we can. We love you all and appreciate your love and support through this time. Continue to make the choice to change the world, because your brothers will be behind you every step of the way-regardless of a crown.

With Love,


The Mister Blue & White and Court 2018-2019

Jauan Durbin

Quinton Bennett

Keylen “King” Lyons

Follow @hbcupulse on Instagram, as we will be speaking to Jauan about this on our Instagram live on tomorrow!




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