Dark Doll Diaries: Doing Da M.O.S. Did The Most To Become Successful


This is a guest post by Tuskegee University 2018-2019 Miss Junior Kaci Marie! Visit her blog today!


I’m SO excited to be back with not one, but three inspiring dolls for December’s Doll of the Month! These three women are the epitome of women coming together to accomplish big dreams.  What makes them even more interesting is their different personalities and gifts they bring to their project “Doin’ Da M.O.S”.  These women have worked hard to accomplish their goal of growing this channel and have truly cultivated what I would acknowledge as a powerful, loving, God-fearing friendship.  I couldn’t help but choose them for this month’s spotlight!  I switched it up this time around by doing a video interview, so check out the interview and be inspired by clicking on the link below! ENJOY, Dolls!

Meet the Dolls


Instagram- @mia__monet

Mia is what many would call “a ball of fire”! She brings much sass and confidence to the table.  Growing up, Mia didn’t always have the ability to love herself the way she does today, but with God and encouragement from loved ones, she has truly found love within herself! I’m sure you’ll all enjoy her New Orleans accent!


Instagram- @omari.drenee


Omari is a true ray of sunshine.  I can’t remember a time I didn’t catch her with a smile on her face.  Her spirit matches her beauty and she is a true inspiration! She has searched for purpose and self-love through God and encourages other women to do the same.  She attends Tuskegee University and is from Tuskegee, AL.  You could definitely label her as a “small town girl with big dreams”!


Instagram- @simone.amos

Simone exudes what I would call “the go-getter mindset”.  I have never seen Simone sit still.  She is always planning and executing the next big thing.  She may be small, but her dreams and ambition could fill a room.  Her presence is felt when she’s around and that’s a true boss woman.  She continues to encourage herself to work towards bettering her relationship with God and fulfilling His amazing purpose for her life! She attends Tuskegee University, but home is Meridian, Mississippi.

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