Grownish Recap: Ana and Nomi Get A Reality Check (Season 2, Episode 18)

GROWN-ISH - "Nice for What" - Zoey, Ana and Nomi realize that they've been too nice to their significant others at their own expenses. They each take a small stand for their own happiness, resulting in some changes to their relationships. This episode of "grown-ish" airs July 17 (8:00-8:31 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Kelsey McNeal) EMILY ARLOOK

Sooooo, let’s get into the tea from the last episode of Grownish. Starting with Ana and Aaron… yes, we all thought they were done but this episode threw us in for a real loop when we see them attempting to work things out and forcing themselves into a situationship. I think Ana intended on having the ideal “Hot Girl Summer” but in reality, Aaron and the Hot Boys are officially up by 35 points now. For a good half of the show, there isn’t anything but sense of jealousy from Ana, especially when she sees Aaron with another girl. She whispered something seducing into his ear and the next thing we know, they’re back in the dorm BUT don’t get the wrong idea… like we all initially did, he just waited for her to fall asleep so he could leave but that was before she politely asked him why he didn’t want a relationship with her. He tried to brush her question off and right before she fell asleep, she said “but you wanted a relationship with Zoey though.” Whew chile, the suspense! 


Enough of Aaron and Ana, Nomi and Professor Bae had a heated episode too! Zoey mistakingly tells Professor Bae she knows about her and Nomi when Nomi specifically told her that was NOT what she wanted! It then becomes a spicy conversation between Zoey and Nomi and Nomi tells her that she is the concession queen when it comes to relationships and she would do anything that Luca wants. This conversation eventually haunted Zoey day in and day out because she was realizing what she said was true. Soon, we find out that Professor Bae doesn’t even trust Nomi, which somewhat seems as though she was trying to find a way out of their relationship the entire time. Sadly, they didn’t last but thats okay. We’re sure that there is a hundred more professors on that campus since that’s her speed anyways. 

The show ended with a friendly promise between Nomi and Zoey that they will never comprise their own happiness for someone else’s and that’s what the fans like to see. Women coming together as friends against all outside relationships. Can’t wait to see what next weekends episode has for us! 



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