Texas Southern University Set To Host Third Democratic Presidential Debate


Score one for the HBCU Community! The Democratic National Committee announced today that Texas Southern University will host the third Democratic Debate. The two-night debate will take place on September 12 and 13 in the Health & Physical Education Center on campus and will be televised by ABC News.

“As the heart and soul of Houston, TSU is proud to serve as the venue for this upcoming debate,” said Dr. Austin Lane, president of Texas Southern University. “Not only does this reflect positively on the diversity in the city of Houston it will also provide many of our students with opportunities to work directly with ABC News.”


This is an amazing time for the candidates to engage with HBCU students and better understand the issues that are important to young people as the Democratic Primary inches closer and closer every day. I expect for Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders to shine in this debate. Kamala Harris should effectively feel at home, as she’s called upon her experience at Howard University several times during her primary bid. She has a definite opportunity  to show that she’s connected to the yard and is willing to build the trust of college voters around the nation. Bernie definitely can be a crowd favorite, as I can see a question about his free college and debt cancelling plan being asked. Even Corey Booker can shine through, seeing that he has HBCU roots in his family.

Nevertheless, things are going to get interesting come September. We’ll update you all with more information as we get it. Look forward to exclusive coverage of the two nights of the Democratic Debates on the HBCU Pulse Instagram (@hbcupulse).



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