What Ship Are You Carrying Into The New Year?

Close up of young couple arguing while sitting at home

Bad relationships. Every single girl reading this post right now has been in one– whether its with a partner, a friend, a family member or a co-worker. We put a large amount of time in our relationships and it often time drains us. In order to avoid our garden from running dry, we have to learn how to stop watering dead situations and start watering our own gardens. I remember talking to a female pastor once who told me that in order to carry the right ship, I first had to understand the six types of ships in which we will experience in life.

The six types of ships include: the rocket ship, the royal mail ship carrier, the fake ship, the denial ship, the companionship and the faith ship. The rocket ship is the relationship that can sometimes get a little confusing in our lives. We tend to enter this fun relationship with a person and then it eventually blows up just when we start to get too comfortable. To avoid this type of relationship, you must access where the relationship currently is and where it will go. Is the relationship short term or long term? 

The Royal Mail Ship Carrier is the relationship that includes everybody in town including their pets! Who asked for Jean, Sally, and Sue to put their 2 cents in? In these types of ships, the perception of others hinders the relationship because it becomes based on perception. In order to avoid this type of ship, you must set expectations and boundaries and don’t let them down for anyone


The fake ship is the ship that will leave you looking stupid in the end. This is the type of ship that you think is one thing but it’s really the opposite. Fake ships are based on lies and half-truths. This is the ship that all of us have experienced. In order to avoid this type of ships, you must peep the signs and take those scissors out. Snip, snip.

The denial ship is the relationship in which we are fully aware that the relationship is bound to end but we are just in denial of it. In these types of ships, we stay even when we know it’s unhealthy. We just don’t want to give up what we have. We’re afraid to form something new. It hurts that the ride on the ship isn’t the same as the past. Do not let denial be the reason your heart becomes broker than broke. 

The final two ship go hand in hand. Companionships and faith ships. A companionship is the relationship in which both people involved are 50/50 and the love is genuine. The faith ship is the relationship we have with God. This relationship is filled with unconditional love and is bound to be eternal! We must get with the program and carry the RIGHT ship this 2020!



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