The HBCU Experience: Justin Blake, North Carolina A&T


Randall: How did you end up at your University/College?

Justin: Growing up in a military family, with determination, commitment, and focus, was a character trait to be reckon with toward a successful career as a young black man.  After graduating from high school at the top of the class with high honors, choosing a path whether to join the military with keeping the legacy or going to college was undoubtedly a decision to be made.  After touring several colleges and engaging with several recruitment offers, a family’s alma mater in Greensboro, North Carolina casted high regards and respect.  The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCAT), a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) was the college of choice which I knew I wanted to experience and accept the challenges the HBCU offered from an African American college culture perspective.

Randall: What did you get your degree in? Did it support what you are doing now?

Justin: Manufacturing Systems & Technology.  Aspects of Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Reengineering support what I do now through understanding efficiency and optimization of business infrastructures on the front end help develop solid processes in the long term.

Randall: Can you give me a quick description of your years in college? 

Justin: Highly active in sports freshman year, followed by 3 years of participation in student government and other premier organizations on campus.

Randall: What year would you consider as your success year?

Justin: All years played a role in making successes come to reality.


Randall: How did you start working in your current position?

Justin: Perfect timing and established networks overtime

Randall: How do you feel your HBCU experience at North Carolina A&T State University aid you in your success?

Justin: As I look back to reflect the greatest opportunity as a young black man who entered NCAT HBCU as someone with unknown prospect, skillset and idea, yet to exit as refine young black man with leadership experience and skillset.

Randall: What’s next on your journey?

Justin: Continuing to build OEDM Group service and solutions catalog within Government, fully operationalizing JIANT Solutions to clients that entire enhance decision making support powered by AI and Machine Learning

Randall: Tell us about your book The HBCU Experience: The North Carolina A&T State University 2nd Edition?

Justin: Great opportunity to share experiences and learn those of my colleagues.  May be a major help to someone developing into a young adult.

Randall: Where can we find you?

    1. [email protected]
    2. IG – @justindevonblake
    3. LinkedIn –


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