We Have To Stop Normalizing Bad Communication


At the start of every New Year we always like to talk about goals. But, let’s be honest. All we do is sink back into our old ways after a couple days of improvement. Change is hard, especially so suddenly but we know it’s possible. I think we need to add one more thing to our New Year’s Resolution list as we continue January. We have to stop normalizing bad communication. I was scrolling my timeline and I saw a meme that said “I don’t always have the time to call people back but, when I do, I don’t”. The image went viral. People rushed to laugh and talk about how relatable it is to their lives and how they handle the people that try to get in contact with them. Well, it’s not funny. It’s childish.


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that everybody deserves to be responded back to. It’s your right not to respond back to whoever you want to. Sometimes, it’s people you just don’t want to hear from. You might not be in the right place or frame or mind to give energy to whoever is contacting you. I’ve been there. However, I’m talking about a specific type of non-communicating person that I always seem to run into. I’m talking about the people who will leave anybody on read with no remorse and won’t even try to follow up. I’m talking about the folks who swear their cool with you but are never there when you need them. I’m talking about the folks that have something that they want to get off of their chest but think going ghost on people will solve the issue.  

Whether it’s business, friendships or relationships we all know people like this. It’s some folks I hate trying to contact because I know they aren’t gonna respond back. It’s plenty of folks I want to work with but I’m hesitant on reaching out because I already know what the vibe is gonna be. Oh, and don’t get me started on the people that swore they were down for me but switched all the way up. Things were all good just a few days ago! Why did our communication go on ice? That’s still a question that needs answering. 

See, now I’ve started…. You’re telling me that you’re on IG 24/7 vlogging your whole entire life but you didn’t see me get at you? Your phone is blowing up that much? You’re that popping? How can you build strong relationships with people if you don’t communicate? That’s how you build memories and bonds. A lot of folks like to fake kick it though. They real cool in the comments but invisible on the text. 

We have to stop acting like this is ok. It’s not cute to be bad at communication. You’re stopping the bag for yourself. You’re grown. If you don’t want to talk to someone, use your words. If you have pressure with someone, let them know wassup. If you’re too busy to put another engagement in your already busy schedule just say that. But all in all, let’s do better with our communication.



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