Tallahassee Creates $2.8 Million Dollar FAMU Way Project To Honor It’s Hometown HBCU


Tallahassee is increasing its recognition of their hometown HBCU with the creation of FAMU Way. The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency, a joint City-County agency within the Department of Planning, Land Management and Community Enhancement (PLACE), created FAMU Way as a $2.7 Million Dollar city project in 2020. The park features the Cascade Trail Skateable park with a 225-foot-version of the Rattler Mascot.

Speaking about the Skate Park, Blueprint Chairman Nick Maddox said, “This will be somewhere where people will come together as a community. You’ll get every single demographic, every single race coming together to enjoy themselves on the south side of town.”


In a quote by FAMUAN, FAMU’s Student News Publication, senior Business Administration student said, “Growing up near FAMU, you knew that this side of town was in desperate need of beautification compared to the many establishments and districts Florida State University has. It really is amazing that my mom and I are able to drive down FAMU Way and see such beautiful landscape with our institution attached. This day has finally come.”

The FAMU Skatepark was designed by Team Pain Skate Parks. The Husband and Wife owned company worked in conjunction with kids of the community for how the park looked, saying to the Tallahassee Democrat, “It was the youth’s imagination that made this park come forward.”

The park is expected to be finished this summer.



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