Wiley College Marching Band Returns After 50 Year Hiatus


After a 50-year absence, Wiley College is reintroducing its marching band to the HBCU community.

The Texas based institution is establishing the band which hasn’t been active since 1973. The band is under the leadership of the college’s Music Department Chair, Emmanuel Scales. Scales is accepting band members and his goal is to have 125 student musicians.

In a quote obtained by local Texas affiliate KLTV, Scales spoke of the importance of the marching band being reestablished. “Wiley has a big name, it has a historic name and a lot of people know the school. I think it will bring a lot of prestige to the school. I think it would work wonders.”

Wiley College students, such as sophomore Mass Communications Major Gabriel King, have expressed excitement about the reestablishment of the marching band. “ We are excited about the new band! It has been years since Wiley has had one so we are ready.

The historic return of the band has brought more life and excitement to the campus.“Bringing a band to Wiley will bring the musical culture back to campus.” said Gabriel King to HBCU Pulse, “There’s nothing like a great HBCU band and everyone loves music.”



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