Big Sean Partners With Thurgood Marshall College Fund To Host “Moguls in the Making” Competition

Big Sean, center foreground, hangs out with students participating in the 4th annual Moguls in the Making program, hosted by Ally Financial and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Sixty students from 15 HBCUs visited Charlotte Sept. 15-18, with Morehouse College taking home the top prize. Photo credit - Cheldrick Wooding, Ally Financial

In 2019 the Moguls in the Making program was created and funded by Detroit rapper Big Sean’s non-profit organization, The Sean Anderson Foundation in partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College fund and Ally Financial. On September 15-18 the fourth annual Moguls in the Making Competition was held at Ally Charlotte Center in North Carolina.

The competition is created to find young minds that think critically, artistically and are passionate about problem solving. Over the course of three days, 60 students in teams of 15 get the chance to pitch business ideas for the opportunity to win scholarships to fund their growing projects. Students work alongside Ally mentors and past participants to formulate business plans that will teach them financial responsibility and promote economic growth. 

Sean expresses that the goal of Moguls in the Making is to teach kids financial literacy that will prepare them for the career field. The program aims for students to not only be an asset in the business world but to overperfom as well. Sean also credited his love for HBCUs as being an inspiration behind the competition as he almost considered attending Howard University himself.  

“I also was trying to figure out a way to work with HBCUs — so many of my family members and so many beautiful people that I know have gone to HBCUs — and ‘I’m like, OK, we can never downplay or overlook HBCUs because they are creating the leaders of tomorrow for real, and they are Black [leaders], you know all things aside we got to always show love to the HBCUs.” Said Sean in an interview with The Grio


Now in its fourth year Moguls in the Making has continued its success as it awarded over $200,000 in scholarships this year to students including $1,000 for every participant. This year’s first place winners were 4 students from Morehouse College who pitched the HOPE project, a project that will allow low-income renters to become homeowners and build equity.

The entire competition will be presented In a four part series filmed by Revolt to be premiered in October across all their platforms. 

For more information on Moguls in the Making you can visit their site at




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