FAFSA Season Has Begun, What HBCU Students Need To Know


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as the FAFSA application officially opened on Saturday, October 1st for the 2023-2024 academic school year. The FAFSA application is used to determine the amount of federal aid students receive from the government as well as federal student aid programs such as grants and work-study.

It is highly recommended for all students who are attending or considering attending college to fill out the application, even if you may not need federal aid. This application is also for current graduate and undergraduate students to reapply for aid every year. 

The application will close and needs to be submitted by June 30, 2023 so while students and parents do have time to get this done the Department of Education recommends filing the application as soon as possible to maximize your chances of larger federal aid. Each college is given a fixed amount for work study and federal grants each year so funds do run out. 

Deadlines can differ from the federal deadline in several states and colleges so it is important to check in with your schools financial aid office and make sure you know their important dates. You can find more information on deadlines on the FAFSA website. 

Important FAFSA dates for HBCU Students

  • October 1, 2023- FAFSA application opens
  • State FAFSA deadlines

Arkansas- July 1, 2023

Delaware- May 15, 2023

District of Columbia – July 1st, 2023 for priority consideration

Florida- May 15, 2023

Georgia- ASAP after October 1, 2022

Kentucky- ASAP after October 1, 2022

Louisiana- July 1, 2023

Maryland- March 1, 2023

Mississippi- April 30, 2023


Missouri- February 1, 2023

North carolina- ASAP after Oct 1, 2022

Ohio- October 1, 2023

Pennsylvania- August 1, 2023

South Carolina- June 30, 2023

Tennessee- March 1, 2023

Texas- Jan 15, 2023

Virginia- ASAP after Oct 1, 2023

West Virginia- March 1, 2023

*Alabama, Oklahoma and Virgin island students contact your financial aid office.

  • FAFSA applications officially closes- June 30, 2023
  • Last day to submit corrections to FAFSA application- September 10, 2023

What You Need

When applying for financial aid the application will require information about you and your financial records. If you are a dependent you and your guardian will need to complete the application together and the it will require their information as well. To make the application process easier it is helpful to prepare your tools for the application beforehand. When applying you will need…

  • Your FAFSA ID: Your FAFSA ID is your username and password but also your digital signature. You will need this to complete the application and if you are a dependent your parent will need their own as well.  
  • Your Social Security & License Number
  • 2021 Federal Tax Income Records 
  • Assets, expenses and unfiled income
  • List of recipient schools: You are able to send your FAFSA application to 10 schools at a time. While you are allowed to add new schools and reapply it’s important to have a list of schools you know need your financial information according to their deadlines. 

Many schools use the FAFSA application to determine their grants and scholarships so even if you don’t think you need federal aid or think you won’t be approved, still apply. 

If you have any questions on the FAFSA application you can visit their website or contact your schools financial aid office. 



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