Unnamed Juvenile Linked To Several Early 2022 HBCU Bomb Threats

The Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters in Washington, just blocks from the White House, has long been the government building everyone loves to hate.

The numerous HBCU bomb threats that happened throughout the year are believed to be linked to a juvenile prosecuted as a minor by state authorities, said a senior FBI official on Monday. 

At least 57 HBCUs received bomb threats via email, phone calls, or instant messages. Although no bombs were found, the repeated false alarms disrupted the daily functions of the University such as classes and events in precaution. Authorities have reported that the Juvenile was charged in an unrelated incident but they have not provided a description or where the person was prosecuted. An official not identified by name in a report by USA Today says that the incident of inquiries around the HBCU Bomb Threats has been resolved with the suspect’s identification and prosecution 

Federal officials identified several minors connected with the threats, but it was later linked to one person driving the initial communications. Investigations are ongoing into two over a series of threats, one involving 19 racially-motivated communications between Feb. 8 and March 31. Another set of threats that have been tracked since January 7th involving 250 schools aren’t believed to be racially motivated.


Dr. Walter Kimbrough, former President of Dillard University and current Interim Executive Director of Black Men’s Research Institute called the FBI finding the primary suspect “great news” and told USA Today, “Finding out who was doing this sends a message that there will be accountability.” Kimbrough also still serves as  a member of President Joe Biden’s HBCU council and testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee about the HBCU bomb threats in March. 

One official said federal investigators are making progress, but are “not done.”



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