HBCU Pulse Partners With Howard University To Launch “HBCU Pulse Radio” on SiriusXM


ATLANTA, GA – This Christmas Day, HBCU Pulse has announced a partnership with Howard University to air HBCU Pulse Radio on SiriusXM Channel 142 HBCU. The news comes days before the 6th anniversary of the founding of HBCU Pulse as well as the birthday of founder and host of HBCU Pulse Radio Randall Barnes. “HBCU Pulse Radio on SiriusXM” is a 28-minute talk radio program that aims to be the premier destination for HBCU news & culture in an audio format. The partnership launches HBCU Pulse Radio, started as a podcast in 2020, into national syndication to 34 million+ subscribers.

“HBCU Pulse’s partnership with Howard University & SiriusXM for HBCU Pulse Radio will allow our brand to better cover HBCU Life, standout students & alumni as well as issues that affect our community,” said host Randall Barnes, “I look forward to covering Homecoming Season, Spring Commencement, upcoming local, state & nationwide elections and so much more with our national radio show.”

Barnes also believes that the launch of the show on SiriusXM will open the door to to HBCU Pulse Radio being syndicated on other college and commercial radio stations around the nation. He cites Sheryl Underwood Radio, Money Making Conversations With Rushion McDonald and Press Box To Press Row with Donald Ware as his inspirations for launching the show nationally and his model of success for the radio program. The three aforementioned shows also air on SiriusXM Channel 142 HBCU as well as college radio stations around the nation.

“Starting with SiriusXM HBCU as our first affiliate is a great endorsement of our on-air product. I hope to engage HBCU and commercial radio stations on airing the show in any available day-parts to further extend the reach of the program.”


The show, which premieres on January 6th at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST, features Barnes alongside co-host Shelbi’ (Albany State ’21), Culture Contributor CDK On The Mic (North Carolina A&T ’21) and special guest Horatio Radio (North Carolina A&T ’20) to discuss the two biggest stories of 2022: the USC Majorette Dance Team That Sparked Outrage From HBCU Alumni and Deion Sanders Leaving Jackson State University To Become Head Coach Of University Of Colorado-Boulder. Barnes also debuts his “Randall’s Thoughts” editorial segment using Deion Sanders tenure at Jackson State to address what he calls a “dependence on celebrity culture at our HBCUs”.

SiriusXM Channel 142 HBCU, operated by Howard University, is a music and talk station available on SiriusXM. A part of the SiriusXM Project Amplify, the station broadcasts programming from HBCUs around the nation highlighting the brilliance of HBCU Life. SiriusXM also allows African-American and HBCU based media companies to contribute programming to the network in syndication.

HBCU Pulse Radio on SiriusXM Channel 142 HBCU January 6th at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST and will air every Friday at the same time. The program will also re-air on Sunday afternoons at 2:30 PM EST/1:30 PM CST and Tuesday evenings at 6 PM EST/5 PM CST. A video version of the show will air on HBCU Pulse YouTube as well as HBCU Pulse TV channel 201 on the streaming service HBCU League Pass+. A podcast version of the show will also premiere every Saturday at 10 AM EST/9 AM CST on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.

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