Talladega College To Form Women’s Gymnastics Team


Talladega College is the latest HBCU to form a Women’s Gymnastic team. According toa a release, Talladega is partnering with Brown Girls Do Gymnastics (BGDG) to launch the gymnastics team and will also host the 8th Annual BGDG Conference, which will be held July 18 – 21, 2024. The Alabama-based HBCU joins Fisk University, who also partners with BGDG and the HBCU Gymnastics Allicance for their team as the only HBCUs to currently have HBCU Women’s Gymnastics teams. The partnership was announced during the HBCU Gymnastics Alliance Collaboration in Atlanta, Georgia on January 14th.

“This historic moment will have a lasting impact. Establishing a women’s gymnastics team at Talladega College will expand opportunities for HBCU student athletes to compete in a rewarding sport that fosters discipline, confidence and success,” said Talladega College President Gregory J. Vincent says in the release. “Developing our first-ever women’s gymnastics team will also promote student and alumni engagement and pride; enhance the college’s brand; and help create a pipeline of diverse gymnasts.”


Michael Grant, Talladega College Vice President and Athletic Director, also added, “While there are over eighty intercollegiate women’s gymnastics teams in the nation and many gymnastics clubs, Talladega will be one of only two HBCU teams. Having a team will give our athletes greater visibility and recognition.”

We would like to congratulate Talladega College on the creation of their women’s gymnastics team and will update you with more information as it is presented.



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