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A Queen’s Pain Paperback


Raynetta Duram dreamed of being a queen and a Rho Eta woman. However, she never expected the weight that the title holds. Will she secure the crown and cross Rho Eta?




Chronicling the life of Raynetta Duram as she competes to be the 78th Miss Laketon State University and a woman of Rho Eta. Through her junior year, Raynetta deals with a toxic friendships and a lack of support from her family for her dream. Even more, the road to becoming a Rho Eta woman is harder than she imagined. To make matters worse Jessica Wilson, her ex-best friend that betrayed her freshman year, is running against her and aspires to be a Rho Eta. Problems arise in the form of social media rumors and campus politics that threaten to derail Raynetta’s chances to become campus queen. As the world seemingly falls on Raynetta’s shoulders, will she be able to secure the crown and become a Rho Eta woman? Or, will her personal struggles cause her desires to elude her?

“A Queen’s Pain” is the first book of its kind, covering life at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s) in a way that’s never been done before!



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