Shannon Sharpe Rips Cam Newton For Defending Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson: “I Would’ve Freed A Lot More Slaves If They’d Known They Were Slaves”


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I’ve always been a fan of Savannah State University alumnus and NFL Hall-of-Famer Shannon Sharpe but he’s become the break out star on Fox Sport 1’s morning debate show “Undisputed”. Sharpe is witty, honest, hilarious and true to his identity as a black man. However, where he’s truly carved a niche is his hot takes on the pressing social issues of the day that just so happen to interweave itself into sports. This morning, he gave his take on Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton defending Jerry Richardson, the current owner of the Carolina Panthers, over the sexual harassment allegations that has arisen against him.

Newton said, “Everything that I heard were allegations and nothing was actually proven. It’s another person’s words against another person’s words. Needless to say I still think extremely highly of Mr. Richardson. I don’t know none of the sources names that have come out, so I am reaching to find it. But I take sexual assault extremely seriously — and I don’t want to offend anyone — but having a lot of allegations thrown at a person, I don’t think that is really fair.”

There have also been reports from several sources saying that he is “disgruntled” by the news that Jerry Richardson is selling the team and doesn’t want him to do so.

Shannon Sharpe gave his take on his show with sports commentator Skip Bayless “Undisputed” and essentially said that Newton is making a false equivalency and is straddling both sides of the fence. The video of Sharpe’s comments are below!




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