The Final Walk: Realizing The True Beauty Of An HBCU Graduation


There’s something about an HBCU Graduation that makes it special. Sure, it’s an auspicious occasion where we celebrate black excellence but it means something so much bigger. Graduation is the goal that you’ve worked towards your whole educational career. It’s the embodiment of all the tears you poured, the pain you overcame and the hard work you put in in one event. Witness Black Girl Magic and Black boy Joy. Witness what I call “The Final Walk”.

The Final Walk is auspicious. You walk into the venue for graduation as a student. You leave as an alumni. The culmination of all you hoped for is realized. Now, you get to see up and close how it feels! Check out “The Final Walk” on HBCU Pulse’s YouTube and make sure to share and subscribe to see more black excellence!



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