It’s always seemed pretty natural to spend more time indoors once the temperature outside starts to drop. No one really has the desire to get out and do more, but would much rather enjoy all of the same activities inside. As the world outside gets colder, everyone begins their pursuit to find someone to warm up with inside. There’s actually a pretty popular term for this seasonal behavior: cuffing. We’ve all heard of cuffing right? According to the infamous Urban Dictionary, it’s that time of year when “the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

As unbelievable as it may sound, cuffing season is very much so a real thing with psychological surveys to prove it. It has been shown that variations exist among men’s attraction to women during different seasons throughout the year with winter being the time where they are most attracted. Implications of these mood and behavioral changes can also be justified by peaking child conception rates along with some pretty high STD contraction rates during the winter months and the first quarter of the year. A possible reason behind the changes in attraction could be that males’ hormone levels fluctuate seasonally. Another possibility could be the drastic difference in women’s wardrobes with them being bundled up and causing men to want to see more.

And while the desire for a companion during this time of the year is quite common, it isn’t always easy to find. Everyone has their own methods for finding affection or serious relationship companions and although there are countless ways to approach your ideal guy or gal, those more in tune with the times tend to go with the most technological aspect. Now needless to say, not everyone is looking for the same type of cuffing arrangement. For those looking for something more temporary, social media or dating apps like Tinder or Plenty of Fish are the immediate go to for seeking out others searching for more temporary arrangements. There are also some less than temporary outcomes that result from cuffing season. Some of those flings turn out to be committed relationships and couples that were together prior to the weather change tend to grow closer and more fond of one another.

As cuffing season draws to a close slightly after the beginning of the year, the weather begins warming back up and the attraction from men dwindles down a bit. There are those in newfound relationships, those starting the year with the same person they ended the last with, and those comfortably single until the chill-filled months roll around again.


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