Fayetteville University Alumna, Masceline Petitlubin Begins her Position at NASA


There are a lot of people who like to say that students who attend HBCU’s are not being challenged or are not likely to acquire certain job positions, but this Fayetteville State University Alumna is an example of the black excellence that HBCU’s produce.  Masceline Petitlubin is an FSU chemistry graduate and she is currently obtaining her MBA. Petitlubin was offered a position within the Information and Logistics Management Division of NASA, she began her new position on January 22. Her new position is under a program by the name of Pathways, this allows Petitlubin to gain the proper training for her new position and still be able to pursue her MBA.


She obtained a lot of research experience due to a number of programs during her undergraduate years such as; North Carolina Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NC-LSAMP) and I-TEST. Petitlubin has expressed her passion for STEM and is the owner of the Science, English, and Mathematics Academy (SEMA) which provides tutoring services to students K-12 in a variety of subjects. Among her many achievements, she is a co-author of the STEM Learning Communities, which explored different strategies that were put in places increase retention, enrollment, and graduation in the STEM fields at FSU.

Masceline Petitlubin is paving the way not only for FSU students but black students everywhere!



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