Bennett College Loses SACSCOC Accreditation After Historic #StandWithBennett Campaign


This is the horrible side of the HBCU media business that I’ve delved into. Here at HBCU Pulse, we love covering the good news. The election of new student officers, probates, homecoming and student businesses. However, we also must report the pertinent news of the day and use this outlet as a tool to disseminate information. Local Greensboro  news affiliate Fox 8 reports that the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges has denied Bennett’s appeal to keep their accreditation. The decision was rendered on December 9th but Bennett College administrative officials fought to maintain the accreditation, sparking the student and alumni led #standwithbennett campaign.

Fox 8 reports that Bennett said that Bennett College officials said that the decision was “arbitrary and unreasonable and not based on, or consistent with, the published Principles of Accreditation of SACSCOC policies.” Administration found out about the decision on February 18th. Bennett College during the #standwithbennett campaign raised $9.5 million dollars, a $4.5 million dollar increase from their original $5 million dollar goal. The #standwithbennett hashtag became a national trending topic that student leaders around the nation and even celebrities rallied behind.


This is not the end of Bennett’s existence. We haven’t come this far to stop now. The fight isn’t over. We here at HBCU Pulse aren’t done covering this story and the brilliance of the Bennett Belles. Bennett is the first all-women HBCU and has stood tall since 1873. This shall not be the narrative of Bennett. We must continue to fight and figure out ways to succeed through this time.

Check back with HBCU Pulse for updates.




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