Election Season: FAMU (The New College Hill)


HBCU Pulse is a media outlet that gives students at HBCUs a platform to widely discuss their views on life as an HBCU student in today’s world.

2018 was an interesting point in time for me. Imani Cooper, my White House HBCU All-Star peer and best friend, was running for the covenant title of the 112th Miss Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. Fort Valley State University was gearing up to host one of the most evenly matched Miss FVSU races in history with three amazing young women vying to be Queen. I was trying to find a creative muse. That’s when I was charged to write about and cover HBCU Royal Court, SGA and the student election processes at HBCUs. Because of this, my latest published books “A Queen’s Pain” and “A Queen’s Heart” came about.  My first film “Election Season: The Story of True HBCU Queens” covering the campaign of the 81st Miss Fort Valley State University Tanzania Walker and her attendants Eranesia Walker and Keila Outen was created. My vision for HBCU Pulse was finally realized. We needed an outlet that unapolgetically and independently covered HBCU Student Life. Now, I want to go further. Now, I want to take “Election Season” national.

In conjunction with Miss FAMU Imani Cooper and several dedicated FAMU Journalism Majors, we have started filming the sequel to the first Election Season titled “Election Season: FAMU”. “Election Season: FAMU”. Election Season: FAMU examines the process and impact of student elections at HBCU’s, specifically Florida A&M University. The docuseries explores student expectation of their peer representation, the methods of the candidates to secure votes, the impact of social media on the election cycle, the characteristics of a winning candidate and events that occur during campaign week.

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University is a purveyor of HBCU culture. FAMU constantly sets trends and sets the standard for school pride in the HBCU sector. I aspire to make this docuseries just as big as “Marching Orders” was last summer on Netflix. If anything, I aspire to make this our generation’s woke “College Hill”. “Election Season: FAMU” will be the preeminent media vehicle about student life. However, to  make this happen I need your help. Donating to this campaign would help us in several ways such as:


>Securing high-quality video and audio editing.
>Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and traditional media outlets. Also, securement of promotional materials such as a movie poster and other deliverables to raise awareness about the series.
>Merchandising (tentative creation of DVD/Blue-Ray editions of the series).
>Hosting of screenings on HBCU campus’s around the nation.

Help us make this happen. This project can be an immense cultural and monetary success for HBCU Pulse. However, that doesn’t drive me. What drives me more is telling the story of the amazing young men and women stepping out on faith and vying to be student leaders at their respective institutions.  Even moreso, I want to pay it forward to Mass Communications/Media Studies/Journalism majors and provide opportunities for them just like others did for me. We can’t rely on the mainstream to tell our story. We must tell our own. We must put ourselves on.

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