Naysa Lynch Becomes 80th Miss JSU And Other Results From Jackson State University

Gabrielle, Gabrielle, Gabrielle! Jackson State was in amazing hands with the Gabrielle Baker, the 79th Queen for the university. Gabrielle brought national prominence to the university with her Mass Communication skills, even working alongside CNN during the Elizabeth Warren Town Hall hosted at the university. On Friday, Gabrielle passed the crown to her soror Naysa Lynch, who is capable of continuing her phenomenal work representing the university.
Naysa did a memorable takeover of the HBCU Pulse Instagram for her camapaign and had one of our most popular posts when her and Gabrielle shared a moment of faith and solidarity after she found out that she won. In the other side of the ticket, Grant Broadway celebrated his win with the excitement that’s only seen during NBA Championships.


  • Miss JSU- Naysa Lynch
  • Mister JSU- Grant Broadway
  • SGA President- Jordan Jefferson
  • SGA Vice President- Kolby Woods
  • Sophomore Class President- Jared Keyes
  • Junior Class President-Jacori Daniels
  • Sophomore Class Vice President- Tyra McCormick
  • Junior Class Vice President-Nigel Miller
  • Senior Class Vice President- Kobe Graham
  • Miss Sophomore- Halle Coleman
  • Mister Sophomore- Azarias Vasser
  • Miss Junior- Yasmin Howell
  • Mister Junior-Carlson Nelson
  • Miss Senior- Mia Griffin
  • Mister Senior- Michael Smith


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