Lincoln University of PA SGA President Drags Disrespectful Megan Thee Stallion Interviewer


That Megan Thee Stallion interview is a prime example of why we need to value not only the digital track of Mass Communications but ALSO the Strategic area. Communications isn’t just about broadcast and radio. If one lacks the basic understanding of interviewing they are unprofessional. As a Mass Communications major (I now identify as a Strategic Communications major), I think the strategic area of the study itself is devalued because people only see Mass Comm as just reporting, broadcast, radio hosting, etc when it’s more to the field.

As a Communications major you can pick to either be on the digital field or you can pursue the strategic field. As one who once wanted to be a journalist, I was only introduced to the digital areas of the study and it blinded me. However, even as a digital track Communications major, interviewing is BASIC knowledge that any media professional should’ve learned. I understand that radio can be a hobby for some but we live in a world where strong communication is essential to success.

RESEARCH is an important tool that every Communications major or professional in the field should have. You just can’t bring someone in for an interview without prior research. Honestly, you don’t even need to major in Communications to understand this. It’s that simple. You don’t speak on what you have no knowledge of. You don’t speak on what you don’t have facts on. You don’t speak on what you don’t know. The interview could’ve went well if it weren’t for him brining up her mother without having prior knowledge of her passing. But, this goes to show you how credible these radio hosts and their shows are.

This is where I think the study of Communications goes wrong. People don’t take it serious because of the lack of professionalism we often see on these platforms. Now, if you truly study Communication you’ll know that there are many different Communicaiton Theories that contribute to how we interact with each other. And that goes for those in the professional realm. These Communication theories I speak of are important to note when it comes to interviewing. This is the SECOND interview that I’ve watched with Megan Thee Stallion where the interviewer lacked professionalism in their communication approach. Trash.


The question we now have to ask ourselves is why aren’t these media platforms RESEARCHING before they INTERVIEW? You can’t pull this crap on CNN. Mass Media is important. But it lacks professionalism and I blame instructors for their lack of implementation of BOTH tracks; digital AND strategic. I feel like you can’t teach one without teaching the other.

I grew up in a household with a father who was a journalist and hosted his own radio show. Before he interviewed someone I can remember him up day and night researching the necessary information he needed before bringing someone in. YOU CANNOT TEACH DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT TEACHING STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS. THEY GO HAND IN HAND.

For one of my Communications Theory papers I wrote about Megan Thee Stallion’s interview where the interviewer asked about the authenticity of her body. I connected that to Expectancy Violations Theory. If you’d like to read it, you can. I only got a B+ though. Even though I want to pursue a career in Public Policy/Public Administration, Communication is very important to me and I believe it plays a major role in how we interact as humans especially in our society.

In closing, I believe it is the duty of these Mass Communications instructors and lecturers to emphasize the importance of not just digital media and communications but also the strategic side of the study. Students studying Mass Comm. need a versatile approach.

Professionalism in Mass Media is important. And I believe that professionalism is he strategic side. 🙂 But, that’s all folks! I’m only a rising senior in college so I still have much more to learn myself! Just wanted to share my thoughts. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Elisabeth Bellevue! 🙂 I’m looking for an internship. I’m a rising senior majoring in Strategic Communications, minoring in Black Studies and obtaining a Pre-Law certificate. Be a blessing. Thank you!



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