Grownish Recap: Zoey Goes On A Girls Trip (Season 2, Episode 16)


Every good friend group needs a girls trip. No matter the destination, being in the presence of your closest friends is always a heartwarming experience. Our favorite girl gang from hit series, Grownish, took a nice little friend-cation to Zoey’s house since her parents were away!

They spent a lot of their time debating on if dating a teacher is wrong or right, what do you  think? I think yes! Ew, who would even want to willingly date their teacher. Another portion of their time was spent with Zoey reminiscing on what goals she set aside for herself when she was younger and she realized… she hasn’t achieved ANY of them. I think we’ve all been there before. As you grow up, things do change but seriously Zoey? Not one? Awkward. 

I guess things weren’t all bad though. The ladies ended their night with a beautiful fashion show. You know, the ones you do when you’re wearing other people’s clothes and using your imagination.

What would be a girls trip without a little bit of reality check, venting, and fun? Stay tuned for the next episode of Grownish on Freeform.



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