Grownish Recap: Is Vivek Culture Appropriating or Nah? (Season 2, Episode 17)

GROWN-ISH - "Strictly 4 My ..." - Vivek is getting a little too comfortable at Hawkins, sparking a heated debate over whether Vivek has crossed the line into cultural appropriation. Zoey does a service project to style a high school student for her prom. This episode of "grown-ish" airs July 10 (8:00-8:31 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Eric McCandless)JORDAN BUHAT, D.C. YOUNG FLY

In this episode, we have a little less Zoey and a little more Vivek. Strange right? Strange isn’t always a bad thing though. It actually turned out to be a pretty entertaining thing since they gave Zoey a rest. 

Last week, we found Doug and Aaron going back and forth about whether or not Vivek was “too comfortable.” When we say this, we mean was Vivek culture appropriating or naw?  He was to a point where he was using black emojis, rapping songs, participating in wave checks, and he even set his 2k player to look like someone black! Not to mention he ordered Crown Royal mixed with Coke at the bar. He was literally dissecting elements of black culture and using them to his advantage in the entire episode. Aaron saw no fault in it. Was it because he truthfully saw no fault or was he just used to it? Doug was the main one finding nothing but wrong in Vivek’s actions and truth be told… I can’t blame him. 


Once it was brought to Vivek’s attention that that’s how the guys felt, he decided he was moving out of Hawkins and away from them because he meant no harm. Vivek and Doug end up having a heart to heart and Vivek reveals that he was only trying to find himself. He was over being identified as a “loser” or a “lame” so he did what he does best and that’s acting. 

In just a few days, the next episode of Grownish will be airing on Freeform! Tune in and catch us back here for another recap.



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