Looking For HBCU YouTubers & Influencers To Partner With Us


So, we just found out the news that our HBCU Pulse YouTube Channel has hit the 1,000 subscriber mark! It’s amazing to hear that news because it solidifies our purpose. My biggest goal was to gain traction for the brand of HBCU Pulse across all facets of social media. It’s amazing to see that several of our original videos caught traction on social, including the Kappa Probate at my HBCU Fort Valley State University. It’s going for 100,000 views! I can feel it! Check back in December and see!

With our YouTube channel we want to keep the same creed that we’ve had with our social media pages, namely our Instagram. We pride ourselves in giving HBCU Students a platform to express their views on the world, showcase their gifts/talents and take our audience through a day in the life as a student at their institution. Because of this, we want to open up submissions to be official HBCU Pulse YouTubers. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone in the YouTube game!


If you’re an aspiring YouTuber trying to start off your channel and want some subscribers, do some videos for us that we can put up and expose to our YouTube audience as well as our social media audience. If you’re a YouTuber with a nice following but you want to take your brand to the next level, partner with us and let us post some of your videos so we can help you expand your brand nationally. Even HBCU YouTubers with huge followings can partner with us! We can help you further your reach across all social media platforms!

Fill out the form below and also look at the criteria:

  • Looking for vlogs, storytime videos, discussion videos, Q & A, skits, web series, etc.
  • Must be of professional quality (no shaky video, no excess profanity, no drugs/alcohol, no fighting, etc.)
  • Must be able to submit the video in a timely fashion
  • Must be willing to submit exclusive video to HBCU Pulse
  • Must be open to wearing HBCU Pulse merchandise or promoting HBCU Pulse merchandise in videos on HBCU Pulse platforms
  • Must be able to edit own videos
  • Brand must align with HBCU Pulse
  • Must be responsive to communication from HBCU Pulse

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you sign up, check out this Frequently Asked Questions Tab  to see if the HBCU Pulse YouTube Ambassador program is right for you! 

  • Upon signing this agreement, how long will I be an ambassador for HBCU Pulse?
    • For the duration of the school year with a semester check-in in December about performance and your feelings about being an ambassador.
  • Is this agreement revokable by either party? If so, what would be grounds for termination?
    • Yes, this agreement is revokable. Termination would be not representing the brand of the ambassador program in appropriate ways on social media, disciplinary action in school and lapses in communication. If you ever wish to no longer be an Ambassador you can let me know and likewise.
  • The agreement mentioned exclusive content for HBCU Pulse. Does this mean that content I create for HBCU Pulse can not be posted to other social media platforms? (Such as my own).
    • The content definitely can be posted to other social media platforms and your own. Also, you will be the owner of the content, HBCU Pulse only serves as the distributor of your content primarily on our YouTube channel but also our other platforms such as IG.TV.
  • If yes to the previous question, will I still own the rights to the content created for HBCU Pulse? (For example, after I am no longer an HBCU Pulse ambassador, will I be free to post the content I created for HBCU Pulse to my own channel?)
    • Yes, you will have ownership of your videos and you are free to use them in whatever fashion you so choose
  • Will my social media handles and YouTube channel link be posted in the description of content that I am featured in that is posted on any HBCU Pulse social media /YouTube
    • Most definitely! You also will be promoted on the HBCU Pulse website. Also, you will be open to agreed upon IG Takeovers as well so you can further promote your band to our 9,000+ followers.
  • Does this agreement allow room for collaboration videos? For example, if I made a video “Ten tips for college” can I split the video into part one and two, posting one on my channel and the other on HBCU Pulse?
    • That’s definitely fine. For some videos, I’d love if we could do them in totality on Pulse but I’m not against videos such as that.
  • Futhermore, will I be able to submit content to HBCU Pulse that features other YouTube creators? Or is all content that I submit to HBCU Pulse only to feature myself or other HBCU Pulse ambassadors?
    • Most definitely! You can collaborate with other YouTube creators and your friends for your videos with us. The only thing I ask is that anyone you collaborate with help with the promotional efforts of the video by at least sharing it on their social media.
  • Will content that I submit to HBCU Pulse remain unedited or does HBCU Pulse have the power to change / re edit my videos to their liking?
    • The content that you send will be already edited so we can put it on the channel. If there was ever anything that needed to be changed, I’d consult with you about it.
  • Will I have creative control over what type of content I make for HBCU Pulse? Or will I be told what videos to make?
    • Both! There’s definitely videos that I would love for you to do that my team and I would feel as if it would bring in good views and intrigue to your brand and also the HBCU Pulse channel! However you do have total creative control over your videos!
  • How often will I be required to make content for HBCU Pulse?
    • As often as you can. I don’t want to put a set number on videos per month or anything of the sort because I know how life can be. School can get hard and also organizational/personal responsibilities can make it hard to film and edit. Plus, creator’s block is a real thing. At the very least, I would love at least 1-2 videos a month. If videos can’t be done, we can fit you in for a takeover on the HBCU Pulse IG page, repost of an old video, a guest post on the website or something so we can have some content coming from you.
  • The agreement (ambassador agreement sent upon acceptance to the ambassador program) mentioned wearing / promoting HBCU Pulse merchandise in my videos etc. Will I be sent the HBCU Pulse merchandise for free? Furthermore, is the merchandise mine to keep, after the promotion of the product and or the termination of this agreement?
    • The merchandise will definitely be your’s to keep! And it will be for free, as I will get warehouse discounts for them and ship them to you. And, when/if the agreement is terminated, you can definitely keep the merchandising items.
  • Will I be able to promote the HBCU Pulse merchandise the way I see fit? Or will I be sent sent a script on what to say?
    • Both, leaning towards you putting your own spin on it. For some products, however, it might be a script that’s sent over. But, like I said above, I’m open to you using your creativity to make things happen!
  • But, I’m an Alumni. What content would I do?
    • There’s plenty of content that alumni can do! Graudating and not being on the yard doesn’t preclude you from making the best of this program. For videos, you can call on your collegiate experience and make storytime and advice videos. We also can work with your personal brand and put out videos that fit into the content you already post and work to promote your videos on our outlets.



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