Student of the Week: Albany State University’s DeStandreana Norwood talks Campus Involvement and Choosing ASU


No matter what the streets or social media may say our institutions, we have to make sure that we continue to prioritize our HBCU’s by shining a light on them and the students who attend. With all that occurs in a world that has historically denied educational access to black people, there are so many special HBCU attendees that remain focused and ambitious. This week, we have the honor to recognize and celebrate one of them, DeStandreana Norwood. From being a part of the anointed ASU gospel choir to the Collegiate Women of Empowerment and the Velma Fudge Grant Honors Program, DeStandreana’s ability to balance involvement and academics sets an example for students everywhere.

Nia: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself or something important about yourself people should know?

DeStandrena: Well, my name is DeStandreana Norwood, a junior Biology major. Since being at ASU I’ve published my research, shadowed doctors at Duke University, and I conducted research at Indiana University this summer.

Nia: Why’d you choose Albany State?

DeStandrena: I’m from Albany so it was like a no-brainer for me to go to ASU. Albany also has great partnerships with various medical schools that I’m  interested in attending. My mother also went to ASU, so it’s pretty cool being a second generation RAM!

Nia: If I asked your peers to describe you in 3 words, what would they say? Why?


DeStandrena: My peers would say I’m smart and somewhat social. Most would say they always see me around campus. Depending upon the class, many of my peers come to me for help because they know I’ll make sure they understand. People always see me because I’m in various organizations on campus and I’m always in campus news!

Nia: What do you plan to do with your Biology degree after graduation?

DeStandrena: I plan on going to medical school upon graduating from THEE UNSINKABLE ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY!!!

Nia:  With this being your Junior season, what are your goals for this year? How do those goals differ from your first two years of college?

DeStandrena: My goals this year are to maintain my GPA and become more involved in the organizations I’m already apart of. My mindset now differs from my first 2 years because I was interested in joining more clubs but I never was fully involved in the ones I was already apart of. I also want to do a little more mentoring to freshmen because many freshmen don’t understand how important freshman year is.





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