Student Of The Week: Roudnes Louissaint Talks Reigning As Albany State University’s Mr. Junior


It is 100% true that being in a leadership position builds character. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to obtain all that these positions have to offer as well. Meet Roudnes Louissaint, a 20 year old junior at Albany State University that majors in Biology. He is humbly serving as the Mister Junior of his illustrious institution and HBCU Pulse had the luxury of interviewing him.

Tamia: What motivated you to want to run for Mister Junior?

Roudnes: The reason I ran for Mister Junior here at Albany State is to make a difference and help bring our campus security back to what it needs to be. 

Tamia: Were there previous people in the royal court that inspired your reign? 

Roudnes: There was no particular person on the previous court that inspired me to run. I just saw an opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and opportunity to a good legacy here at Albany State University.


Tamia: How do you plan on being Mister Junior while also balancing your academics and personal life? 

Roudnes: Balancing my personal and academic life while being Mister Junior should be easy and if not easy somewhat manageable. The reason I feel this way because being Mister Juniors puts me on another pedestal from all my other peers, so everything I do, I must do well. Academically I will excel beyond expectation by jubilantly taking my classes seriously and by not procrastinating. My personal life will also stay the same because being Albany State University’s Mister Junior is my personal life.

Tamia: What kind of impact do you think being Mister Junior will have on your character?

Roudnes: As I stay in this Mister Junior position I will gradually grow as a leader and this will impact my character by drastically improving my people skills and by showing me how to adapt to certain situations. 

Tamia: Do you eventually see yourself running for Mister Albany State?

Roudnes: Just as I saw an opportunity to make a difference as Mister Junior if I see the opportunity to be Mr. ASU and continue to be a positive influence on this campus then I will run to be Mr. ASU, God willing.    



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