Looking For Businesses To Advertise With HBCU Pulse


HBCU Pulse is looking for business to partner with us, sponsor content and advertise with us in 2020. Since August 2019 HBCU Pulse has experienced significant growth, growing from 10,000 followers to 18,000+ followers on Instagram to start the year. On Facebook and Twitter we’ve seen viral successes with our posts, with one of our Facebook posts from NASAP garnering 25 Million views and netting us 31,000+ followers. We want to maximize this reach to allow businesses and entrepreneurs, specifically student entrepreneurs at HBCUs and alumni with businesses, to connect with customers and sell their products. Check out our numbers below to see if advertising with HBCU Pulse is the right fit for you and scroll down to fill out the advertising and sponsorship interest form.

The social numbers for HBCU Pulse

Facebook: 31,000+ Page Followers, 9,000 Page Likes

Instagram: 18,000+ Followers

Twitter: 3,441 Followers

YouTube: 1,900 Subscribers

Analytic Insights For Instagram (our most active social media platform)

Gender Breakdown For Audience: 64% Women/36% Men

Top Age Demographics: 18-24 (45% of our audience), 25-34 (27% of our audience)


Top Cities: Atlanta (4% of audience), Houston (2% of audience), Greensboro (1% of audience)

Accounts reached: 200,000+ per week

Impressions on Postings: 300,000+ per week

IG Story Viewers: 400-1,000 unique story viewers per day

Our Rates (If Approved For Posting)

For Student Entrepreneurs At HBCUs (Fill Out Form Below)

For Businesses (Graphic Below)



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