Broken Barriers: Miles College Appoints First Female President In School’s History


As a woman, I am often faced with adversities that tie directly to my gender. In my encounters with powerful women who serve as politicians, university presidents, and CEO’s, they all echo the sentiments that being mediocre will never surmount in this world-especially as a woman. We are scrutinized by the way we  look, speak, and dress. Certain scrutinies are not reserved for just women, but serve as another barrier.

    I acknowledge the fact that my HBCU was not an added barrier to women. Miles College made history. The Miles College Board of Trustees named Interim President Bobbie Knight as our 15th President. President Knight is the first woman in 122 years to do so. This announcement could not have come at a better time. We are in the midst of Women’s History Month.


    President Knight has been the epitome of excellence and expresses it through her tireless efforts to propagate Miles College.  I recently returned from a conference in Washington D.C. and in one session I was surrounded by various professionals from Birmingham, Alabama. Needless to say, each and every one of them knew President Knight and inevitably knew about Miles College. They gave the highest of praises to her and commended for the work she has done at Miles College.

    Since day one, President Knight has supported the campus by listening to everyone’s opinions: the students, faculty, and staff. She has coined the phrase “It is a NEW day at Miles College” which symbolizes a new era of transparency, collaboration, and commitment to bettering this institution we call Dear Old Miles. It has been my pleasure to serve alongside her and I look forward to seeing Miles College evolve under her administration.



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