We Love You: My Open Letter To Chloe Bailey


Dear Chloe,

I want to start by apologizing. I’m sorry for the unnecessary hate that has been placed upon you and the ignorance that you’ve had to sort through these past few days. You don’t deserve that. No one does. However, I want to speak about you. You’re one of our culture’s brightest stars. We saw you and Halle grow up right before our eyes. We’ve seen the progression of your talents and your brand. We feel a part of it. I feel as if I know you. So, I had to write this after I saw your Instagram Live on last night.

It pained me to see you hurt by the comments of people that want to police your body and ruin your peace of mind. I know how much social media can hurt. The actions of people often aren’t genuine. Your level of success doesn’t often bring you comfort. It often causes more burden. You have to deal with the level of expectation of having Beyonce as your mentor and the greatness expected from her co-sign. Then, you’re expected to shine bright on Grown-ish while creating hit songs and further advancing your career. Nosey blogs and social media commentators like to try and pry into your life and relationships, all to get money off of your name. Now, you’re a trending topic off of a harmless video that you did in fun. It’s unfair.


I’m no expert and I’m not perfect. I’m still navigating the pressures of expectation and negativity stemming from social media in my own ways. But, in dealing with this, I wanted to affirm you. First, you should know that we love you. The love of your supporters and fans should outweigh any negativity that is lobbed towards you. I know that it’s hard because we want to be loved by everyone. Subliminally, we search for a sense of acceptance from our community. However, always remember to put yourself and how you feel before anyone else. I know that you know this but, sometimes, we all need a reminder. 

I know that due to work obligations that you’re away from Halle. Not having that person that knows you the best around can put you in a dark place. It makes you feel alone. You start to feel the critiques of others more. But, you have to realize that you’re never alone and that a higher power is always watching over you. We know who you are Chloe. You know who you are. Don’t let these haters and leeches throw you off of square. You are more than a celebrity and the protege of Beyonce. You’re more than Sky Forester on Grownish. You’re a beautiful, intelligent, talented young woman that has the power to shape our generation. Always remember that.


Ranadall Barnes



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