FVSU Student Government Association Addresses Student Issues In Town Hall Meeting


I have some of the best updates regarding the new changes FVSU has announced, thanks to the first Town Hall meeting. SGA hosted their very first town hall meeting on Wednesday and they spilled the tea about all the things the Wildcats have been curious about!

Wildcat Dining

SGA Director (Destiny Early)

Many students are concerned about improving the cafe and Destiny gave the guests the real deal about the changes she has in store. With the busy schedules that some students have it can be difficult to eat at the cafe in a timely manner.  Which is why there has been an interest in making the cafe hours longer. Unfortunately, that would not be possible any time soon because FVSU is under a contract with Sodexo and this means that the hours are not negotiable at the moment. She didn’t go into too much detail about that, but all this means is that the students are going to have to make it to the cafe during the hours or utilize the other food services they provide on campus. She plans on broadening the food options for the students as well, students are encouraged to use the suggestion box in the cafe for any ideas that they may have. Make sure to be on the lookout for more vegan/ vegetarian options this semester as well, this is a win for the plant based  community on campus because now the cafe isn’t just limited to the vegetables at the other stations because they have their own station! There is also an app for the students to download called the “Bite”, it’s an app created by Sodexo and it shows the menu for the cafe throughout the semester! How awesome is that? Now you don’t have to call up your friends to see what’s in the cafe or waste a swipe if you find that they aren’t serving what you’d like that day. download the app here!

Residential Housing

SGA Director (Michael Gregory)

For the students that have noisy roommates or maybe they  just don’t want to walk all the way to the library, now they’ll be able to study in peace. Residential Life is going limit the use of  the clubhouse on Mondays and Wednesdays strictly for studying!  


Throughout the rest of the week students also can look forward to playing on the brand new game systems that will soon be available for student use in the clubhouse and the student amenities center. It’s impossible to have everyone’s voice heard on campus that is why there will now be a Residential Hall Association. It will include two senators in the building who will represent the residents of that building so that everyone’s voice can be heard when they have their monthly meetings. FVSU now lets you rent bikes for free, more information on how to go about doing so will be released to the students later on in the semester.

Mr. Charlie Weaver (Chief Information Technology Officer)

WiFi connection throughout the campus is important for students to get their online assignments done in a timely fashion. Mr. Weaver recognizes this and he addressed the concern about the weak signals in some of the resident buildings. The students can finally put their frustrations to rest because there will be more routers placed throughout the residential buildings, 500 routers to be exact. I think this is important because how else would the FVSU community be able to read HBCU Pulse?

Academic Affairs

SGA Director (Courtney Smalls)

The Director of Academic Affairs emphasized lack of student participation on campus she believes that students need to be more active campus. Students aren’t being open with their needs to the FVSU faculty, in order to get things done there will need to be an increase in engaged students. “ You have not, because you asked not.” She’s looking forward to bridge the gap between faculty members and students so that they can be able to engage with one another, which will make it a more comfortable environment for everyone. 

On a good note, many of the students seem excited about the new changes on campus. I can’t wait to see the other changes Fort Valley State University has in store!

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