Kyra Freeman Becomes 113th Miss FAMU, & Other Student Election Results From Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University


So, that’s it! We’re getting the first results from the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University student election races! FAMU has one of the littest, most competitive student elections in the nation. We decided to do the second edition of our “Election Season” series at the highest of the seven hills because of this. Before we announce the winners, I urge you to donate to “Election Season: FAMU” on GoFundMe. As campaigning at FAMU has drawn to a close and the runoff races are starting in a couple of days, we’re trying to raise funds to secure professional edition, promotional money, distribution and merchandising to help the series live up to the creed of being the “New College Hill”! The link is below!

Without further adue, here are a few winners of the notable positions in FAMU Elections and the races that will be heading to a runoff! Check back here periodically to get current election results as we receive them!  (Forgive misspellings! Will be corrected as more information is sent to us) (Source of List: FAMU Election Commission Instagram)

Miss FAMU: Kyra Freeman


Mr. FAMU: Runoff Between Crenel Francis and Elijah Casey

SGA President/Vice President: Runoff between Rochard Movette/Natalie Aringer & Robyn Seniors & Rebekyah Hawkins

Queen of Orange & Green: Breyana Williams

King of Orange & Green: Runoff between Sidney Fleeks (Write-in) & Jared Crowd

Kyra Freeman, the 113th Miss Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Elect




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